Lancashire Police awards Pc £5k over car row

A police force has awarded one of its officers £5,000 in an out-of-court settlement after a row over a parked car.

Three Lancashire Police officers were called to the row between Pc Roderick Lund and a neighbour in Catterall.

Pc Lund was arrested. He then sued the force, claiming unlawful arrest and false imprisonment.

A Lancashire Police spokeswoman said it would be "inappropriate to comment".

'Publicly vindicated'

She added: "Any civil claims that the force is involved in are private matters between the constabulary and the claimant."

Pc Lund's solicitor, Rex Makin, said he was "astonished" by the way Lancashire Police had handled the row.

"It seems barmy to me. It seems even worse when I think the money is coming from public funds."

He said Pc Lund had been "publicly vindicated in his actions against the police".

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