Lancashire Chief Constable's concern over commissioner role

Steve Finnigan
Image caption Chief Constable Steve Finnigan said he is ready to work with whoever is appointed

Lancashire's Chief Constable has said he is "concerned" only one person will oversee the county's policing when a Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) takes over.

The government is scrapping local police authorities in favour of a PCC elected by the public on 15 November.

Chief Constable Steve Finnigan said: "To ask an individual to cover [this] patch is asking a lot."

There are currently 17 members of the Lancashire Police Authority.

Mr Finnigan said the current system worked.

"I have some reservations how a single individual can have the resilience, the energy and be able spread themselves thin enough to be able to really understand in different parts of this county what the complex issues are around policing and community safety," he said.

"I'm hoping they are not going to try and turn the organisation on its head."

But the Chief Constable said he was ready to work with whoever was appointed.

"I'm genuinely not losing any sleep over it. If we find we have a difficult working relationship, I'll just have to work hard at improving it."

He added: "Whoever is elected as PCC, it is up to me as Chief Constable to strike up a professional and good working relationship with them."

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