Ian Redmond shark attack: Widow tells of 'special qualities'

Gemma and Ian Redmond
Image caption Mr Redmond was snorkelling when the shark attacked

The widow of a British honeymooner killed in a shark attack in the Seychelles has said she wants people to smile when they remember him.

Ian Redmond, 30, from Nelson, was killed on 16 August, 10 days after his wedding in Dalton, west Lancashire.

He was snorkelling off Anse Lazio beach when he was fatally bitten.

Speaking at the inquest at Bolton Coroner's Court, where his death was ruled an accident, his widow Gemma spoke of his "special qualities".

"I do not want Ian's legacy to be dominated by an awful accident which makes people sad and distressed," she said.

'Tragic circumstances'

"It is my wish that Ian be remembered for his special qualities and the remarkable way in which he enriched the lives of his family and friends for 30 years.

Image caption The newlyweds were in the second week of their luxury honeymoon

"I know that he would want people to smile and feel uplifted and comforted when they hear his name."

The inquest heard Mr Redmond was snorkelling in waters off Anse Lazio beach on Praslin, the second-largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, when the shark attacked.

He was quickly brought to shore and a French surgeon who was also on holiday gave first aid on the beach as Mr Redmond's new wife looked on.

But the keen sportsman, with previous snorkelling experience, died due to massive blood loss.

Bolton deputy coroner Alan Walsh described the attack as a "tragic and horrendous experience".

"Ian lost his life in the most tragic circumstances and at a time when he was at his happiest," he said.

A 36-year-old French tourist had been killed by a shark in the same area two weeks earlier.

Bernard Silver, acting high commissioner for the Republic of Seychelles, told the inquest that neither before nor after last August had there been any other shark attacks registered in waters off the islands.

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