Preston doctor's exam of baby who died next day was 'normal'

A baby who died the day after his parents were told there was nothing to worry about had a "normal" consultation, a hearing has heard.

Dr Renjith Nair, who is accused of not giving good clinical care, saw Lianne Sabin and Mark Smith's son Calum at Preston's Doclands Centre in 2009.

Despite Dr Nair telling Calum's parents there was nothing to worry about, he died in hospital the following day.

At the General Medical Council hearing, Dr Nair said he found nothing unusual.

The 17-day-old baby was not feeding and was cold and sweating when Dr Nair saw him on 26 February 2009.

Ms Sabin and Mr Smith allege Dr Nair did not even leave his chair to examine Calum before reassuring them that nothing was wrong and prescribing paracetamol.

He died at the Royal Preston Hospital on 27 February 2009.

Nothing unusual

An inquest in September 2009, at which Dr Nair testified that he had examined the child, found he had died of inflammation of the heart muscle.

At the GMC hearing in Manchester, Dr Nair was asked if he thought his examination of Calum had been routine.

He said there had been nothing unusual about the consultation and that there had been nothing out of the ordinary about prescribing paracetamol, given the child's symptoms.

He added that the evidence he had given at the inquest, which Ms Sabin and Mr Smith allege did not correspond with what happened, was the truth.

Dr Nair also faces allegations that he failed to provide good care for a woman patient during three consultations in the summer of 2008.

He was said to have not adequately assessed her condition, not arranged appropriate investigations and referrals and not made adequate and correct records in her medical notes.

Dr Nair denies all the allegations against him. The hearing continues.

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