Lancashire drivers fined for headlight 'misuse'

Lancashire Police are issuing fines to motorists who flash their headlights to warn drivers approaching speed checks.

During a police operation on the Fylde Coast, 20 motorists were given £30 fines for "misuse of headlights".

PC Antony Gray, from the force's road policing unit, said the practice was "exacerbating the problem" of speeding.

Sean Corker, from the Drivers' Alliance, accused the police of being "petty" in targeting motorists who encourage other drivers to slow down.

He said: "If the outcome is drivers slow down, I don't see how they can fine others for doing this.

"Drivers have to be given notice they are in an area with speed checks - I don't think there's a difference between a road sign and a person giving a warning."

'Lives at risk'

During the checks in Carleton and Thornton, 23 motorists were fined for speeding in known accident hot-spots.

Police said the majority of those who were fined for flashing their lights were from the local community.

PC Gray said: "People who flash their headlights at other cars to warn them that there are police officers nearby may think they are doing someone a favour but potentially they are putting lives at risk.

"Flashing your lights at someone may make them slow down for a second, but it will not make them change their habits in the long run."

He added: "Speeding motorists need to be stopped and spoken to by officers so that they will seriously consider their irresponsible driving behaviour and hopefully drive more appropriately in the future."

The Highway Code states a driver should only flash their headlights to let other road users know they are there.

It also states that headlights should not be used to convey any other message or intimidate other road users.

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