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Group opposes waste power plant in Ferrybridge

A West Yorkshire campaign group says people's health will be damaged if plans for a new power plant go ahead.

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) wants to build a plant in Ferrybridge which will burn waste, instead of coal.

Brotherton based campaign group Aire (against Air, Industrial, River and Environmental pollution), says people nearby are worried about pollution.

It comes as the government announces its plans for the country's energy future.

On Tuesday, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne was due to set out the government's policy to secure the UK's energy supplies.

SSE wants to use a range of fuel sources, including biomass, waste-derived fuels and waste wood, to generate 108 megawatts of electricity and provide heat to other industrial processes.

The company says there will be no combustion of hazardous waste or treatment of waste at the facility.

Since plans were announced last year, the firm has been consulting with residents and organisations.

Residents in nearby Brotherton are concerned the burning of waste will release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

'Fully compliant'

Stephanie Gilbert, a member of Aire, said there were concerns that the filter systems at the power plant would not be adequate.

She added: "The gas will come up the chimney and mix with chemicals from the power station and travel up to 23 miles."

Ross Easton, of SSE, the plant would be fully compliant with strict EU legislation.

He said: "It will be closely monitored by the Environment Agency and the plant won't pose any health risks to the local community."

The final decision about the plant is due to be taken next year.

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