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Pupils hurt in chemical incident at Leeds school

Six children were taken to hospital after handling or ingesting chemicals at a school in Leeds.

The pupils at John Smeaton Community College suffered a reaction to the chemical and were later discharged from Leeds General Infirmary.

A school spokesman said the chemical was used in chemistry lessons but the incident took place outside of class.

An investigation is under way and safety protocols at the school are being reviewed.

The incident took place at about 1040 BST on Thursday.

The spokesman said: "Following an incident in college today, six students who had ingested or handled a potentially harmful chemical were taken to hospital where they were observed and released without need for further treatment.

"The college is undertaking a full investigation with the support of Education Leeds and all parents have been informed.

"We take safety within college very seriously, ensure all students are aware of the dangers of handling chemicals and urge them to act safely and responsibly with them at all times.

"As a result of this incident we will be reviewing our safety protocols and will make any necessary amendments."

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