Dozens call BBC Crimewatch over £1m Doncaster jewels

image captionDozens of people called police about the jewellery shown on the Crimewatch programme

Detectives investigating the ownership of more than £1m worth of jewellery that was found in South Yorkshire have had dozens of responses to an appeal on the BBC's Crimewatch programme.

Police found a quantity of cash and more than 70 items of jewellery in August 2010, but have so far been unable to find the owners.

Fifty calls were made to the studios and six to South Yorkshire Police.

Officers said some of the gold and diamond pieces were "unique".

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: "Inquiries have been made into the authenticity and age of the valuables which have confirmed that many of them, consisting of diamonds, gold and designer items, are genuine.

"Due to the uniqueness of some of the pieces, it has been difficult to place an exact value on the jewellery.

"Some of the pieces would be easily identifiable to any person who has possessed, owned, designed or made them."

Officers said the items were found in the Doncaster area but they might not be from the region.

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