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Anne McIntosh MP calls for reduction on rural fuel costs

A North Yorkshire MP is calling for a reduction in fuel prices in rural areas.

MP Anne McIntosh said Ryedale, Thirsk, Malton and Filey had some of the highest prices in England.

She wants to reduce fuel costs "to ease the burden on hard pressed and vulnerable people" living in these areas.

The Treasury announced a 5p-a-litre reduction on petrol and diesel for parts of Scotland, last November.

Ms McIntosh, Conservative MP for Thirsk and Malton, is lobbying for a similar scheme in her constituency.

Profits 'slashed'

Ms McIntosh said: "In Ryedale we have the highest fuel prices, particularly diesel prices are 147 pence [per litre], you can't pay less at the moment.

"The cost of fuel is pushing up the price of delivering goods to the small shops, it's threatening the future of small shops, pushing the price up of food and food stuffs for our farm animals and it's making life extremely difficult for hard pressed families.

"We do need some relief - a rural fuel duty rebate for businesses and all the local communities living in Ryedale, Thirsk, Malton and Filey."

Tony Kemp, who runs a taxi firm in Pickering, said his profits have been "slashed" because of the rising costs.

"We're spending about £4,500 more on diesel for the same amount of work coming and, obviously, that can't continue," he said.

The Treasury has not commented on Ms McIntosh's bid to get the prices reduced.

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