Bus stop built across Leeds cycle lane branded 'a joke'

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Kirkstall Road is one of the busiest commuter roads in Leeds

A bus stop built across a cycle pathway on one of the busiest commuter roads in Leeds has been branded a "joke".

Cyclists now have to either ride around the back of the shelter on Kirkstall Road or drop down the kerb on to the main carriageway.

Cyclist Craig Bilclough said: "It's a joke and I think it's putting both cyclists and pedestrians in danger."

Leeds City Council said the area had been made into a "shared space" for bus users, pedestrians and cyclists.

The cycle lane, which runs along a part of Kirkstall Road between Haddon Avenue and Haddon Road, was installed to make the road safer for cyclists to use.

It is close to the spot where cyclist John Harkins was killed after being hit by a car in November.

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Leeds City Council said it was the best solution given the available space

Mr Bilclough, who works in Woodrup Cycles opposite the bus stop, said: "It just popped up over the weekend and now cyclists are having to negotiate it and they can't do it in an easy manner.

"It's dangerous to pedestrians as well who are stood waiting for a bus. I just don't think it's been thought about properly."

Martin Stanley, from Leeds Cycling Campaign, said the council could have "done things better".

"I think there's opportunity to take some carriage space away and move the bus stop further on to the road so the pathway could have continued in a straight line."

The council said signs indicating it was a shared space had been put up in the area.

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