Leeds Festival mementoes gathered in museum archive

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Axl Rose
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Guns N' Roses headlined Reading and Leeds in 2010

A tequila bottle belonging to Guns N' Roses and a set-list from the Pigeon Detectives are just some of the mementos in a new archive celebrating Leeds Festival.

Band paraphernalia such as guitar strings and drumsticks join the more bizarre donations of dentures and a bear-shaped hat.

Acts and revellers have passed on the objects to Leeds City Museum.

The archive hopes to document the event for future generations.

Community curator Marek Romaniszyn said: "I wasn't expecting to get a bong mask but it certainly tells a story."

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The museum's collection of Leeds Festival memento includes a "bong mask"

First staged in 1999, Leeds is the sister festival to Reading, the world's oldest popular music festival, and the museum wanted to reflect the event's place in popular culture.

Collectors got in touch with artists who have played at Bramham Park and festival-goers to pick something meaningful to them.

Mr Romaniszyn explained: "I asked the artists to send me something used, something which reflected their time there.

"Heart-ships sent me a few items, one of which was a moulded set of dentures - the story being this was an impression of the singer's teeth which they had on stage when they played at Leeds."

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The moulded dentures feature the name of the Heart-ships singer Ryan Cooke

The clear-up operation afterwards provided some interesting finds.

"There was an empty bottle of tequila, a guitar string and a guest pass tick list," said Mr Romaniszyn.

"A bottle on its own doesn't mean much but attached to a huge band, it means so much more."

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This tequila bottle was found on stage after the band exited
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Surprise Fire sent in their special brew

Mr Romaniszyn said: "Surprise Fire sent us their drink of choice - a can of Relentless and a can of Fosters which they mixed together.

"This kind of detail is great for our archives because it signifies what it means to be young - for those trying to make it in the industry and how important a gig like this is."

The collection also features pictures of revellers, posters and broken piano keys.

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Collectors said the bear hat and broken piano keys represented the randomness and craziness of festivals

Mr Romaniszyn has urged anyone going to this year's Leeds Festival, which starts on 24 August, to send in a memento.

"It could be something as mundane as a plastic cup, or the T-shirt you wore."

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The Pigeon Detectives, who played in 2011, sent in a signed set list and dressing room production pass

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