Leeds commuters in five-hour rail delay after line damage

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Northern said repairs were being carried out after an overhead cable was damaged near Leeds

A short Monday morning commute turned into a five-hour slog for train passengers in Leeds due to damaged overhead electricity cables.

Frustrated commuters complained of no working toilets, a lack of drinking water and no air conditioning on a stranded Northern service between Ilkley and Leeds.

Lines were blocked between Leeds and Shipley, with urgent repairs under way.

Northern told passengers to expect travel disruption until 17:00 GMT.

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The 07:09 service from Ilkley to Leeds was due to arrive at its destination at 07:37. but became stranded for hours

A Northern spokesperson said trains were able to run between Bradford and Ilkley and Shipley to Skipton, but will be subject to delays and cancellations.

Sarah Smith, 35, boarded the 07:23 service from Guiseley to Leeds, a journey which usually takes 15 minutes, and said she was left standing for five hours.

"There were no toilets because they're electric and became full, no drinks were offered to passengers - five hours without anything is a long time.

"It just got ridiculous, most people were good humoured but fed up, they'd had enough."

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A disabled ramp was used to transfer passengers from the stranded train to relief trains

Ken Carter, 63, who was also a standing passenger on the stranded train, said it "ground to a halt" near Cardigan Fields in Leeds.

"The air conditioning wasn't working as the power went, so it was a bit like a sauna for four hours," he said.

"A relief train arrived and passengers on the back of the train changed to that one using a disabled ramp, but it wasn't big enough for everyone on board."

Image source, Ken Carter
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Ken Carter was six hours late to work despite his journey usually taking under 30 minutes

Mr Carter said the remaining passengers waited a further 30 minutes for another relief train to arrive, with it then travelling away from Leeds towards Bradford.

He added: "We were the first morning train affected by the power line down, a guard said 12 services were impacted behind us because of the backlog."

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