Thousand people join Huddersfield Black Lives Matter protest

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People at a Black Lives Matter protest in Huddersfield
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Black Lives Matter protesters marched through Huddersfield

Hundreds of people have attended a Black Lives Matter protest in Huddersfield.

Crowds gathered in St George's Square before setting off on a march through the town shortly after 12:30 BST.

It was organised by Huddersfield Black Lives Matter and Cocoa Butter Project.

Protester Jonathan Djamba said: "We've come here to protest for equal rights and it's not to pull any statues down, it's not to disrespect any fallen soldiers or anything like that.

"This isn't a race protest, this is more about equality.

"I think there are some laws that do need changing, do need looking at, but I hope everyone knows this isn't a violent protest."

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Some protesters wore face masks and tried to maintain social distancing at the Greenhead Park rallying point

Protests in England

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Jonathan Djamba said the protest was about equality and "not to pull any statues down" or disrespect fallen soldiers

Pret Hare, another protester, said: "It's so important now to come together and wake people up. We need to stand up for what's right.

"It's the small changes that matter. It doesn't have to be a massive change, it starts with a little change."

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Nicola Backhouse hopes the protest will "make a change for the better"

Nicola Backhouse, who was also at the rally, said: "I think with the movement happening so strongly now it's important to keep it rolling.

"If we do stop I feel like we'll lose the chance of making more changes.

"Everyone needs to think about how they treat others, how they subconsciously act around people and just make an effort to educate themselves and treat other people how they want to be treated.

"I'm here to show that I care and that I stand with them."

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