Bionic lamb walks again with modified dog wheelchair

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Lamb rover: Steven "scoots around all over" thanks to his new wheels

A newborn lamb left paralysed by an infection is able to walk again thanks to a modified dog wheelchair.

Six-day-old Steven lost the use of his back legs shortly after he was born on a rescue farm in Oakworth, West Yorkshire.

Owner Janet-Alison Arkwright acquired the canine contraption and adjusted it to fit the ailing ungulate's tiny body.

Since being kitted out, Steven now "scoots around all over" with the other animals, she said.

"He keeps up with them (the other lambs) now.

"The only thing he can't do is - because he's got little wheels on - he can't go in the field."

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Steven "plays like any other normal lamb", although the lack of four-wool drive means his wheelchair can't go on fields

Mrs Arkwright, 44, whose farm is home to a variety of rescue animals, said Red Fox sheep Steven had become "best friends" with Lilly, an old foster dog.

"Lilly took it upon herself to protect Steven, who follows wherever she goes," she said.

"They've become really good friends on the yard."

Image source, PA Media
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His owner said they hoped one day he might be able to walk again without assistance

She said it wasn't clear whether Steven would regain the use of his legs, but he was "getting stronger on his front" and "managing to lift his back end up even when he isn't in his wheels".

"We're hopeful that one day maybe he'll walk again, because he wasn't born that way," she said.

"We will never, ever put an animal we can help to sleep, ever."

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