Kittens rescued at Loughborough recycling site

Three kittens have narrowly escaped death after being abandoned at a Leicestershire recycling plant.

The litter was discovered by staff shortly before the container they were in was due to be crushed at the site in Loughborough.

It is thought they were brought to the county council facility in a green waste bin.

Workers at the centre alerted the RSPCA and the kittens, thought to be just days old, were then taken to a vet.

Mandy Richardson, Loughborough site supervisor, said: "One of our staff found the kittens in a container and reacted quickly to help them.

"It was quite a shock, especially as they were so little, and straight away, we contacted the RSPCA.

"If they hadn't have been spotted, they would have been crushed in our compactor so they are very lucky cats."

Lisa Smith, from the RSPCA, said: "It's really too early to tell whether they'll survive but they've made it through the night and that's very positive.

"They've only just been born and are absolutely tiny so need hand-feeding every two hours.

"Ideally, they should be with their mum whose milk would provide the anti-bodies and important nutrients they need but we're doing everything we can to save them."

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