Anger over BMI Baby plane grounded at Malaga airport

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Passengers say they are "incensed" at an airline's response after their plane was grounded at a Spanish airport.

The BMI Baby flight was due to arrive at East Midlands Airport from Malaga on Friday afternoon but was grounded because of a cracked windscreen.

Travellers said they were left in the terminal overnight without access to food and drink. The flight returned on Saturday afternoon.

BMI Baby said passengers were offered food and drink vouchers.

'It's been awful'

Kate Kemp, who is from Sherwood in Nottingham, said passengers had been delayed for 14 hours before anyone came to speak to them.

Penny Bennett, from Derby, who was travelling with her four young children, said the situation was a nightmare.

She said: "I'm getting a bit emotional really because it's just been awful. We've just been left and I'm so incensed.

"It's the principal, okay if there's a problem with the aircraft fair enough but come and tell us and explain it to us."

A BMI Baby spokesperson said: "BMI Baby flew engineers out to Spain to assist with the aircraft. The engineers worked through the night to repair the windscreen.

"All passengers were given food and drink vouchers at regular intervals to help them during the delay. Information was provided to customers as soon as additional updates became available.

"BMI Baby apologises for the inconvenience caused. The safety of BMI Baby's passengers and staff is our number one priority."

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