Terror suspect had 'suicide vest guide'

A "vast amount" of terror material, including a video guide to making a suicide vest, was found at the home of a Leicester man, a court has heard.

Terrorist videos and manuals were discovered on hard drives at Musse Yusuf's house in Higgs Close, a jury at the Old Bailey was told.

There were nearly 200,000 files in total, the prosecution said.

The Somalian-born 33-year-old denies four counts of having documents or records for terrorism.

The hard drives were found by the side of a fridge and in the garage of Mr Yusuf's home, the jury heard.

'Encouraging jihad'

Files stored on the drives included the "al-Qaida fitness training manual for new recruits" and "instructions on how to attack Jewish people", according to Max Hill QC, prosecuting.

He said: "The videos contain practical information on the making of suicide vests, improvised explosive devices or bombs, and the manuals entitled The Mujahideen Terrorist Handbook and The Mujahideen Explosives Handbook.

"Amongst this was material which suggested support for the cause of al-Qaida in Iraq and in Afghanistan, also purported justifications for martyrdom operations and material encouraging jihad to be waged around the world."

It included "wide-ranging instructions on how to carry out military activity through the use of bombs, guerrilla warfare, firearms and improvised explosive devices", he added.

He told the jury: "You may note a common theme: extremist views and sympathies with the cause of al-Qaida and the concept of global jihad."

'Bomb making'

The court was shown parts of one video giving "detailed instructions on how to construct a ball-bearing suicide vest" including footage of a "test detonation".

Another 26-minute video showed how to make an improvised explosive device, again using ball bearings for shrapnel.

It showed liquids and powders being mixed in a red bowl, also followed by footage of "field testing".

"All that one has to do is know something about the non-explosive use of such material," it said.

Also found was an al-Qaida manual of more than 1,000 pages featuring instructions on "intelligence and counter intelligence" as well as bomb making, with diagrams and plans.

Mr Yusuf was arrested at his home in May 2008.

The charges he faces are based on four examples of the material found on the computer drives.

The trial continues.

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