Man wanted Leicestershire Police to change light bulb

A man who wanted a police officer to change a light bulb was among an "array" of inappropriate 999 calls made to the Leicestershire force.

About a third of emergency requests between April 2009 and March this year were classified as "non-urgent".

Others included a man who could not find his way out of Leicester Royal Infirmary and a woman stuck in the toilets at McDonald's.

The constabulary is urging members of the public to "think before dialling".

In total about 40,000 of the 126,980 calls to Leicestershire Police's 999 service were non-emergencies.

Insp Claire Morgan said: "The 999 number is not a directory inquiries number, it is for serious or life and death emergencies only.

"If you call 999 other than in an emergency, you may prevent another caller with a real emergency from receiving urgent police assistance.

"In emergencies every second counts and the time that an operator spends dealing with a hoax or misguided call could literally mean the difference between life and death."

One man also asked for help removing a cat from outside his home as he was scared of cats, the force said.

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