Leicester boy turns 10 at 1010 BST on 10/10/10

George's birthday George Lippitt celebrated his birthday with his family

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A Leicester boy has achieved a perfect 10, as he celebrated a very special birthday.

George Lippitt, from Thurcaston, turned 10 at 1010 BST on 10/10/2010.

The family gathered to celebrate at home before moving on to a party with George's friends. He said the day and its significance were "amazing".

His mother Jodie Lippitt, 34, said: "I couldn't believe it when the midwife wrote the time and date on his sheet - we have been waiting for this day."

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He was born at a special time and has been special ever since”

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George said he had known about the significance of his 10th birthday for a long time - but others took some convincing.

"I have been waiting for today for years and now it is here it is amazing," he said.

"I was telling my friends what was going to happen but some of them did not believe me until all the attention started to happen and then they were just 'Wow'!"

Mrs Lippitt said: "When I found out I was pregnant I was told there was a 99.9% chance the baby would be unhealthy, so when he arrived safe and well it was a real relief.

"He was born at a special time and has been special ever since."

George, who is a keen golfer, started celebrations with a birthday cake in the shape of the 10th hole of a golf course.

Mrs Lippitt added: "I don't know if his birthday is lucky but since he wants to be a golfer, or a footballer, a bit of luck there would be nice."

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