Missing man with dementia survived night in ditch

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Mr Mayfield was found lying beside a road by a member of the public

An elderly man with dementia who went missing in Leicestershire survived overnight while lying in a ditch.

Eric Mayfield, 85, of Granby Drive, Bottesford, was last seen just after midnight on Friday and was reported missing that morning.

He was found by a member of the public lying beside a road near Bottesford on Saturday morning.

Mr Mayfield, who is now being treated in hospital, had been out in temperatures as low as -7C (19.4F).

Police said he had sustained an injury to the head but a search of the area showed no sign of a collision or assault.

Local farmer John Baggeley, who was one of the first on the scene, said: "I saw these flashing lights and the police helicopter.

"A cyclist had noticed this poor man at the bottom of the dyke and we loaded him into a vehicle.

"He had a big lump on his forehead but he had survived a night in the dyke - most surprising."

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