Concern over Burbage allotment syringes

A Leicestershire man is having blood tests after being injured by some of more than 1,000 of used hypodermic needles dumped on an allotment.

Tony Cox, 61 was clearing a vandalised shed near Brookside, Burbage, and said he was shocked at the quantity.

He was hurt when he picked up a bag and will need to be tested for hepatitis and HIV for six months.

Police and Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council said they were investigating the case.

Mr Cox said: "I was just couldn't believe how many there were.

"I started by filling a bucket, then the bucket went to a square plastic box and then that moved to a kitchen bin over 1m high and that is absolutely full.

"When I had finished picking up the needles I took my safety gloves off but went to pick up a bag, gripped it and the needles came through and stuck my hand."

Mr Cox said he was so concerned someone else may get hurt he put the syringes under lock and key.

They have now been handed over to the authorities.

Police said they would be looking into who dumped the needles, but said the disposal of syringes was the responsibility of the council.

The council said it aimed to respond to any reports of needles within two hours.

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