Huge turbine blades head for Leicestershire wind farm

A shipment of 12 wind turbine blades will be arriving at a Leicestershire wind farm over the next few weeks.

The 45m (148ft) blades, almost the same length as an Olympic swimming pool, will be arriving at Low Spinney Farm in Ashby Magna.

Broadview Energy is erecting four wind turbines at the farm after being granted planning permission in 2010.

As well as the blades, a further 16 deliveries of shorter but heavier sections will also be arriving.

All lorry loads will be escorted by the police and the shipment has to be carried out over a number of days as there are only a small number of specialist trucks in the country able to carry the loads.

The blades will leave the M1 at junction 21 and follow the B4114, B582 and A426.

Some road signs will be temporarily removed to enable the wide-loads to navigate the routes.

The wind farm is expected to generate enough electricity to meet the electricity demands of 5,000 households in the region.

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