Stones thrown at moving train in Leicester

Police have warned that lives were put at risk by youths throwing stones at a moving train in Leicester.

British Transport Police (BTP) has launched an inquiry after stones were thrown at the 1609 Birmingham to Leicester train on Monday.

The incident happened as the train passed through the Knighton Fields Road East area at about 1710 BST.

One of the stones thrown cracked a window. The train continued its journey but later had to be repaired.

'Dangerous incident'

Sgt Mark Rushin, of BTP, said: "A number of stones were thrown from a footpath in the area, as the fast travelling train passed through. One of the stones thrown cracked the train's outer window skin.

"This dangerous incident left passengers understandably shaken as well as causing unnecessary delays to passenger's journeys during a busy time.

"We urge those who think that throwing stones and other objects at passing trains is fun to consider the consequences of their actions, which could have been much worse.

"Offenders who throw objects at trains not only risk seriously injuring passengers and staff but are risking a prison term.

"A group of youths were seen in the area at the time of the incident and we want to hear from them."

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