Everest Dairies paneer cheese in vet drug risk

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Seven brands of paneer cheese have been recalled due to fears they may contain traces of veterinary medicines.

Customers have been advised not to eat the affected products which were made by Leicester-based Everest Dairies.

The dairy said it issued the recall after being advised that the farm which supplied the milk had not kept proper veterinary treatment records.

As a result, it said it could not be sure the required amount of time had elapsed if any drugs were administered.

However, the firm stressed that sampling of the products had shown no residues to date.

'Matter of precaution'

The recalled paneer brands are Everest, Crown Farms, Chandra, Dairy Farm, Gulab Paneer, Homeville and VB - stamped with use by dates of 12, 19, and 26 April, plus 3, 9 and 16 May 2011.

The company and the Food Standards Agency have asked for any affected items to be returned to the shop where they were purchased in return for a refund.

Notices will be displayed at stores where the cheese is sold, explaining the reasons for the recall.

A spokesperson for the dairy said: "At this stage, we have not been informed that the milk in question had any antibiotics or any other veterinary medicines within it, but have carried out this voluntary withdrawal as a matter of precaution."

No other Everest Dairies products are known to be affected.

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