New Barwell speed humps 'causing traffic congestion'

Residents in a Leicestershire village street have said new speed humps have created congestion and noise.

Five humps were installed along Hinckley Road, in Barwell, last week in a bid to cut speeds by motorists.

People said a chicane where one direction of traffic would have priority would have led to less noise and disruption on the 30mph limit road.

Leicestershire County Council said the speed humps were the best way to slow people down and prevent accidents.

Villagers agreed traffic calming measures were needed but said they believed other options to stop speeding drivers and improve safety would have been better.

'Traffic hazard'

Ryan Jones, whose house looks out on them, said: "The humps slow the traffic down, but the lorries don't slow down, all you hear is a clunk when they go over, it's giving us a bigger noise level.

"The first car gets to the hump, breaks comes to a virtual standstill to get over and the rest of the cars behind break simultaneously creating a hazard."

Lee Quincey, from the county council, said other options were considered but the speed humps were the best and safest option.

"The key aim was to get the excessive speed of the majority of drivers down... traffic there was travelling at about 40mph," he said.

"We looked at various alternatives but we found that the humps are the most effective speed reducing feature and they're also very cheap and quick to install.

"In places where we've introduced these cushions we've achieved between a 5mph to 8mph speed reduction."

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