YouTube hit for Loughborough door frame toddler

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Media captionMore than 210,000 viewers have watched Sofya Dickson climb a door frame

A three-year-old girl from Leicestershire has become an internet sensation after video of her climbing up a door frame was a YouTube hit.

Sofya Dickson's father filmed her scaling a door frame, and now more than 210,000 viewers across the world have watched the video.

The Loughborough girl says it is hard but she enjoys it and it is not scary.

Her father Peter said the global interest, including US TV firms, had been "bizarre" and "very strange".

Mr Dickson said he put the video on the internet after Sofya stunned both him and his wife with her skills.

"Almost quarter of a million people have watched the video of my daughter climbing the wall," he said.

"It's a little bit bizarre and I'm getting phone calls from America and it's all very strange to be honest.

"I had a lot of comments saying you should take her to the local rock climbing centre, so I might give them a call and see if they would let a three-year-old through the door."

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