AB Produce takes action to stop 'stinky' vegetable odour

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MP Andrew Bridgen says action is being taken to stop the "stinky" odour caused by his family's vegetable processing business.

Campaign Against The Smell (CATS) claims odour from AB Produce PLC in Leicestershire is strong enough to make eyes water and throats sore.

The smell is caused by waste water from the vegetable preparation process.

AB Produce is now investing £2.2 million in equipment to treat the water so it does not smell.

Mr Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, said: "The company has got plans in to sort the whole issue out.

"This is a plan the company has been working on for over a year."

The MP formed AB Produce with his brother Paul Bridgen, and they are both directors of the company.

CATS, which formed in 2010, has been logging the "bad odour" through its online Stinky Reports page.

Measham parish councillor Michael Williams, campaign coordinator for CATS, said the smell can be "really quite caustic" at times.

"It's down the back of the throat, it makes people nauseous. Eyes can water. It really is a pretty nasty experience," he said.

Paul Bridgen, managing director of the company, said: "I really do want to move the company forward and do more work and employ more people, but over the last two years I've actually reduced the amount of work we are doing to help the situation."

He hopes the equipment will be running by the end of the year, and is meeting the Environment Agency on 28 April to discuss getting a permit for it.

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Image caption Parish councillor Michael Williams said the smell in Measham can be "really quite caustic"

North West Leicestershire District Council said its investigations had not yet found the odour to be a statutory nuisance, but advised residents to log complaints with the council.

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