Prosthetic feet Christmas gift for football fan brothers

Kian and Callum Jarram
Image caption Kian and Callum Jarram were born with a very rare condition called Adams-Oliver syndrome

Two brothers born without toes have received the "best Christmas present ever" - two pairs of prosthetic feet.

Kian and Callum Jarram and dad Jon, from Syston, Leicestershire, are three of a handful of people in England known to have rare Adams-Oliver syndrome.

Mr Jarram raised £8,000 to pay for the silicone feet, which are not available on the NHS, via a fundraising website.

The football fan brothers, aged 11 and seven, said they could now "play and match up with the other boys".

Image caption Kian said the £8,000 silicone feet let him run faster, play football and swim better

The boys inherited the condition - which is thought to affect more than 100 people worldwide and also affects fingers - from their father.

He said when he asked whether the prosthetic feet were available on the NHS he was told funding was not available because the boys' feet were still growing.

Mr Jarram raised the money by asking friends on Facebook to donate via a gofundme.com page.

Image caption Jon Jarram did not realise the condition was hereditary

Kian said it had been the "best Christmas ever" thanks to the feet, which are expected to last the boys two years.

"Our new silicone feet are amazing - they let me play football better, they let me go swimming better and they let me wear flip flops," he said.

"They help me because I've got a bigger base on my foot so I can run faster and hit the ball harder".

Mr Jarram added: "I'm so proud of the way they've dealt with [the condition] - it doesn't stop them doing anything. They live life to the full, they're a credit to themselves they really are."

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