Polystyrene plane 'travels 150 miles' from Wales to Leicester

Polystyrene plane Image copyright Abbie Lee
Image caption The family bought two models and wrote names and addresses on both

A small polystyrene plane which a family launched from a bridge has been found about 150 miles (241km) away.

Abbie Lee and her daughters, from Anglesey, north Wales, flew two models, with their address written on the sides, from the Menai Suspension Bridge in late March.

They received a postcard on 29 April from "Kathy" who found the plane in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire.

Ms Lee said she was amazed the 55cm (21in) model travelled so far.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Ms Lee's daughters were very excited by the arrival of the postcard

She said: "Instead of playing with them we decided to write a note... we flew them off Menai Bridge and never thought we'd see them again.

Ms Lee said she "couldn't believe it" when they got the note from the East Midlands.

"We can't really figure it out, following the maps and that, it's just so far."

Image copyright Abbie Lee
Image caption The family received a postcard from "Kathy" on 29 April

Professor of physics, Andrew Blain, from the University of Leicester, said he was "sceptical" the plane had flown so far.

He said: "If there was lots of convective, thundery weather, perhaps it could have been lifted up in a cloud and bowled along as far as Leicestershire.

"The winds on the day would have had to be right though."

He added that it was more likely that someone helped it along its way.

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Image caption The Menai Suspension Bridge carries road traffic between Anglesey and mainland Wales

Carolyn Holmes, of the Bradgate Park Trust, said the model was nowhere to be found.

She said it may have been collected by the park's litter-picking team or "another family has found it and sent it on its journey".

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