East Midlands Airport: Taxiing planes collide in morning fog

Planes on ground at East Midlands Airport Image copyright Jason Gwynn
Image caption Passengers on another flight said the planes collided on the ground

Two aeroplanes have been involved in a minor collision at East Midlands Airport during morning fog.

A passenger waiting to take off on another plane said one aircraft on the ground appeared to clip a stationary plane at about 07:50 BST.

A spokesman for the airport said it involved Ryanair and Jet2 planes but there were no passengers on board either at the time.

The airport said some flights had been delayed due to the foggy conditions.

Ryanair said its plane was a training aircraft and the crew was following instructions from air traffic control when the wing tip hit the Jet2 plane.

A Ryanair statement said: "This aircraft was under the instruction of East Midlands Traffic Control at the time and the crew were following correct taxi lines as per ATC procedure.

"This B737-700 aircraft was due to be used for training in East Midlands so no customers were affected."

The airport said the airlines would inspect the planes and assess any damage.

Aviation expert, Julian Bray said although there were no injuries, it would have still caused some damage to the planes.

"Perhaps somebody jumped the gun, perhaps an incorrect instruction was given or perhaps somebody misunderstood the instructions," he said.

Image copyright Jason Gwynn
Image caption Passengers said their flights had been delayed on Tuesday morning

"There are hundreds of thousands of aircraft movements every day and sometimes you hear of things like this.

"But it probably taught the trainee pilots a lesson to take extra care of what's around you."

A spokeswoman for Jet2 said its aircraft had been "parked correctly" at the time, and it would "co-operate fully with the relevant authorities to help them investigate".

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has confirmed it is investigating.

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