Mystery 'Secret Santa' delights Kegworth villagers

Douglas holds a present Image copyright Emma Aldous‎
Image caption Mum Emma Aldous said her son Douglas has learnt about "paying it forward"

A mysterious "Secret Santa" has been dotting presents around a village, leaving its residents delighted.

People living in Kegworth, Leicestershire, have been discovering festive gifts - usually with a note that calls it "random acts of kindness" - in the last two weeks.

One recipient, Katharine Deadman, found a wrapped Christmas pudding on a bench while walking with her dad and baby.

The 26-year-old said it has "definitely spread Christmas spirit".

Miss Deadman said: "It was the best surprise to find on our walk and we'd never seen anything like it in the village.

Image copyright Katharine Deadman
Image caption The gifts have described as "random acts of kindness"

"Even if I'd not liked the gift, the whole idea still would have made my day. It's so thoughtful and selfless, two things that are not easy to come by."

She plans to leave her own parcel somewhere nearer to Christmas Day.

Image copyright Katharine Deadman
Image caption Katharine Deadman said the gift she found is "great" as she is the only one in her family who likes Christmas pudding

Other presents found over the past two weeks in the parks and streets of the village, estimated population 3,500, include shortbread and chocolates.

Lorrae Sunley found wrapped chocolates on a bench by the local chippy while out with her mum on her birthday.

She told the BBC: "I have no idea who the Secret Santa is but I think they've done something really nice and I think it's made a lot of people happy."

Image caption Lorrae Sunley found wrapped chocolates while out with her mum on her birthday

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Villagers have taken to the local Facebook page to share images of their finds.

Mum Emma Aldous found a gift wrapped up on the school run with her four-year-old son Douglas.

She said: "He was so happy and excited. I have no idea who is leaving the gifts out, but just one tiny act of kindness made such a big difference to our day.

"My son now wants to wrap up one of his toys and leave it out for someone else to find. How lovely is that?"

Image copyright Lorrae Sunley
Image caption The presents have been found throughout the village

Dozens said it has "brought joy" or "brightened their day" - although some did feel November was a bit early to start gift giving.

The identity of the "Secret Santa" is still unknown but the idea has started to spread via social media to other local communities.

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