Woodhall Spa marks Arnhem battle role

A ceremony has been held to commemorate a Lincolnshire village's role in a daring World War II operation.

Woodhall Spa played host to the 1st Air Landing Brigade prior to Operation Market Garden, a plan to seize bridges over the Rhine in September 1944.

A memorial stone was dedicated in the village to mark the 66th anniversary of the Arnhem operation.

Organisers said they were particularly honoured that veterans of the battle had chosen to attend.

Simon Elmer, who has helped research the village's role, said: "These fellows, we are very pleased to say, have actually contacted us to say 'Look, normally we go to Holland to the big celebration at Arnhem each year at this time. However we want to come back and pay our respects and see our old haunts'.

"So were an incredibly honoured to have these fellows coming here."

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