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Batemans cuts alcohol in strongest beer

A Lincolnshire brewer said public pressure had led to it reduce the alcohol in one of its flagship beers.
Batemans of Wainfleet said its XXXB, the strongest of its regular cask ales, was going from 4.8% to 4.5%.
Bosses at the firm said consumers were far more aware of responsible drinking and tended to avoid higher strength brands.
But they will retain the bottled version at the same strength, as it was "a completely different market".
Jacqui Bateman said: "People are becoming much more aware of the alcohol content of their beers.
"As far as the consumer is concerned ours is quite a big change, because they feel it is one of those points with ABVs that people really notice and 4.5 is one of those.
"More and more people won't even look at a 4.8% cask beer but we will keep the bottled version as it serves a completely different market."

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