Orchestra travel 'too expensive' for Alford student after bus service cuts

A student from a Lincolnshire school says he can no longer afford to travel to orchestra rehearsals because of cuts to bus services funding.

Gervaise Miller, from Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School in Alford, formerly used a free bus to attend sessions with the County Youth Orchestra in Lincoln.

The trumpet player said he was "really disappointed" by the county council's decision to withdraw funding.

The authority said cuts to its budget were to blame.

Jennifer McKie, from the council's music service, said: "We'd had such a significant cut in our budget - we lost about £570,000.

"We wanted to keep the county groups because they were really important to us, but at the same time we couldn't afford to provide the level of transport we had in previous years."

Gervaise is planning to go to university next year, but said he hopes the council will reconsider its decision for the benefit of other students.

He remains part of the school choir, which is rehearsing for its latest production, The Mikado.

Sally Devereux and Milly Houltby from Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School in Alford produced this report as part ofBBC News School Report.

School Report is an annual BBC project which helps young people make their own news reports for a real audience.

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