Cancelled Future Festival catering firms 'still owed cash'

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Image caption The event was due to be held at the Lincolnshire Showground from 27 to 29 July

Businesses have said they are still owed thousands of pounds after the collapse of what promised to be Lincolnshire's largest music festival.

The Future Festival - planned for July - was cancelled in March.

Since then several catering firms which had paid for pitches have complained no money has been returned.

Danny Brewster, who was involved in organising the festival, said money was paid to the company fronting the event, which he claims he has sold.

In March, BBC Lincolnshire reported the cancellation of the festival and issues concerning those who had bought tickets.

'Quite shocked'

Since then several companies have said they are owed money.

Gatwick-based Richard Billings said he paid a 50% deposit for four pitches.

"We paid the fee, which for four pitches came to a total of £2,500.

"It doesn't leave a very nice taste in the mouth that people can do that. I suppose you learn from it, learn to be a little more cautious in the future".

Richard Clark, who runs a Mexican food stall, said he parted with £500.

"I was quite shocked that somebody could just take people's money and just do nothing, organise nothing", he said.

"We're only a small company, we both work full-time, so the cash flow we have is very small.

"It's been a very tough trading year in catering with the weather and the recession. It was quite a significant loss to us."

Earlier this year, Mr Brewster told the BBC he had separated himself from the company running the festival - Future Entertainment Ltd - "legally and lawfully", and it had been sold to a man called Ramluda Antonictvius. Mr Brewster was unable to provide any further contact information or details.

'Failed business'

Companies House has confirmed there has been no change to the ownership of the company and Mr Brewster remains as the sole director. The accounts are currently overdue.

An email address was provided for those who had lost money to try and obtain a refund. However, none of the caterers or ticket-holders who used that address have received any money or any response.

When asked about the problems, Mr Brewster said: "The caterers and the seven people who purchased tickets did not enter into a contract with me as a person or send me any money, they entered into a contract with Future Entertainment Ltd which is now a failed business and a separate legal entity."

Lincolnshire Trading Standards said an insufficient number of complaints have been made to them to commence a formal investigation.

It added those out of pocket could pursue a claim through the county court.

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