Police chief Sir Peter Fahy to investigate Neil Rhodes' suspension

Peter Fahy
Image caption Sir Peter Fahy has been asked to conduct a "rigorous investigation"

A senior police officer is to hold an investigation into the suspension of Lincolnshire's chief constable.

The county's police and crime commissioner (PCC) Alan Hardwick suspended Neil Rhodes to consider "potential conduct matters".

He has asked Sir Peter Fahy, chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, to investigate.

No further details have been released about the suspension, despite widespread calls.

Mr Hardwick said: "I am pleased to appoint Sir Peter to conduct an independent and rigorous investigation and I look forward to receiving his findings in due course.

'Important issue'

"It's up to Sir Peter to conduct this inquiry and we both agree it will be done as quickly and thoroughly as possible," Mr Hardwick said.

However, Mr Hardwick has received criticism for not releasing details about why he suspended Mr Rhodes.

Image caption Neil Rhodes was suspended by Alan Hardwick on 25 February

Lincoln's MP Karl McCartney has written to Home Secretary Teresa May asking her to intervene.

He said: "I've asked for her thoughts and to comment on where we've got to at this point in time.

"Now, I don't know who Alan Hardwick thinks he is answerable to, but the home secretary is a pretty important person in this country."

He added: "If I didn't think it was an important issue I wouldn't have written the letter."

Mr Hardwick said: I'm amazed that he [Mr McCartney] is asking the home secretary, in effect, to interfere with the police and crime commissioner's handling of the job for which he was elected.

"I will be fascinated to hear what the home secretary has to say in reply."

The case was previously referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission which said it "did not amount to serious corruption or misconduct".

But said the matter did require investigation.

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