Horncastle couple seek mate for former circus zebra, Marty

Marty the zebra
Image caption Marty arrived in Horncastle when she was just eight-months-old

A couple who bought a zebra from a travelling circus are appealing for help in finding her a mate.

Scrap metal dealer Andrew Riddel bought the animal as a gift for his partner Tracy Walters.

The 18-month-old zebra, called Marty, now lives in a field in Horncastle alongside several donkeys.

Ms Walters said: "It all started off as a bit of a joke really, but I've always wanted a zebra and now I would love to find a husband for her."

She added: "Although, I think it is going to be difficult - if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear from them."

Marty arrived at her new home last November but was kept in an enclosure over the winter.

Ms Walters said: "People do a double-take as they drive past, then you see cars reversing up to have another look."

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