Pinky, a tabby cat from Lincolnshire, 'may be world's oldest'

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Media captionPinky has documentary proof she is 28

The owners of a 28-year-old tabby from Lincolnshire believe they may have the oldest domestic cat in the world.

They say Pinky is "getting an old lady" but is still healthy and eats well.

Bob Higginbottom, her owner, said: "The only thing is, she looks a bit scraggy."

A ginger cat called Poppy, who was officially recognised as the world's oldest cat still living, died in Bournemouth at the age of 24 earlier this year.

The oldest cat ever, according to Guinness World Records, died in Texas, USA, in August 2005 at the age of 38 years.

Bob and his wife Ann adopted Pinky, along with her brother Perky, from the RSPCA in 1986 and have documentation from the vets proving her age.

Perky did not reach old age like his sister as he was run over several years ago.

Image caption Pinky's owners still have the vaccination certificate from 1987


Ann Higginbottom, Pinky's other owner, said: "I've had her since she was four months old and she was born in 1986.

"She's getting a real old lady now."

Pinky lives in a greenhouse rather than her owners' bungalow in Dunston.

"We used to live in the big manor house at Dunston and she used to live in the barn with her brother," said Mrs Higginbottom.

"When we moved in here into the bungalow she came with us but she refused to come into the house."

Mrs Higginbottom is considering applying to Guinness World Records in Pinky's honour.

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