Bomber Command memorial damaged by trespassers

Memorial spire Image copyright Place Architecture
Image caption The spire is 102ft (31.09m) high - the length of the wingspan of a Lancaster Bomber

A memorial to the thousands of crewmen who served in Bomber Command during World War Two has been damaged by trespassers.

The spire is part of the International Bomber Command Centre, which will tell the story of more than 55,000 personnel killed in the conflict.

Officials said while the damage is minor, it showed great disrespect.

It is thought vandals used breeze blocks from the site to try and climb up inside the memorial.

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Image caption Nicky Barr, director of the centre, said scuff marks could be seen inside the tower

Nicky Barr, director of the centre, said it looked like those responsible had cut a perimeter fence and that the scuff marks inside the memorial were probably caused as the blocks fell.

"It is hugely disappointing that a memorial this county has worked so hard for, that honours the dead of Bomber Command, has been subjected to this kind of abject vandalism," she said.

"We are so proud of this spire, and the way people refer to it as 'our memorial'.

"It's only been up about a year.

"But it's the effort it took to get there, so whoever these people were, it really is [showing] disrespect."

Image caption The spire was delivered and erected in seven-and-a-half hours on 10 May 2015

She said whoever tried to climb the memorial was also putting themselves "at real risk of injury".

"It is about 30 metres high, with paving at the bottom, if you fall from there you would be in serious trouble, and be stranded here badly injured."

The spire was unveiled in October, with about 300 Bomber Command veterans in attendance.

Bomber Command


Aircrew served in Bomber Command in World War Two

  • 364,514 operational sorties flown

  • 55,573 aircrew killed in action

  • 25,611 killed flying from Lincolnshire

  • 70% of aircrew were killed, taken prisoner or injured

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