Wheelie wonky bike sign amuses Sleaford residents

Crooked marking of a bike on a cycle path Image copyright Paula Brown
Image caption Western Power Distribution said a contractor "attempted to paint it freehand"

A "wonky" marking of a bike sign painted on a cycle path has left residents amused in Lincolnshire.

The crooked sign on London Road, Sleaford, appeared on Sunday and was spotted by Paula Brown as she walked to town from her house.

She snapped the jagged marking because it "looked like a penny farthing".

The county council blamed a utility company for the mistake. Western Power Distribution said it was arranging for the sign to be repainted on Wednesday.

Image copyright Paula Brown
Image caption The wonky bike marking will be repainted at "no cost" to the residents

Mrs Brown said: "We thought it looked like a penny farthing. Obviously the man had done his best but it seems as though he only had a machine that did straight lines.

"It looks like some taps or something.

"It just tickled us really."

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption One resident thought the crooked bike sign "looked like a penny farthing"

Lincolnshire County Council said Western Power Distribution had been "working in the area" and it had asked the company to replace the sign "using the correct template".

In a statement, Western Power Distribution said: "The work to reinstate the cycle path was carried out by a contractor on Western Power Distribution's behalf.

"It seems they did not have the correct piece of equipment to hand and so attempted to paint it freehand."

A spokesperson for the utility firm reassured residents the marking would be replaced "at no cost to them".

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