Filming in Lincoln for new Mike Leigh film Peterloo

Filming of the Peterloo massacre
Image caption Scores of extras are taking part in the production

Parts of Lincoln have been transformed to represent Manchester in 1819 for Mike Leigh's new film about the Peterloo Massacre.

Peterloo tells the story of a mass rally by pro-democracy campaigners who gathered on St Peter's Fields to demand the right to elect their own MPs.

Hundreds were injured and 15 killed when armed cavalry tried to arrest a speaker at the event.

Filming for the feature is taking place close to Lincoln Castle.

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Image caption The feature film is being directed by Mike Leigh (left)
Image caption It is rumoured Maxine Peake, who starred in Three Girls, will have a lead role

As part of the preparations, signs were replaced and stalls set up.

An exhibition of the Lincoln Knights was also moved.

Lincoln Knights‏ tweeted: "Due to a film production taking place in Lincoln: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 17 & 18 have moved to Minster Yard."

Image caption The film is being shot in Lincoln's historic quarter
Image caption The film makers have put up their own stalls and posters to recreate life at the time
Image caption Filming for the feature is taking place close to Lincoln Castle

Ahead of the filming, the production company advertised locally for extras to take part.

Little is known about the cast, but it is rumoured Maxine Peake, who starred in Three Girls - the story of Rochdale's grooming scandal, will have a lead role.

Filming is expected to continue through to late summer.

Image caption Horse drawn carriages were part of the shoot
Image caption Every detail has been planned, even the horse manure is real
Image caption It is thought Lincoln was chosen as a location because of its historic buildings
Image caption Filming is expected to continue through to late summer

Peterloo Massacre

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption An 1819 cartoon of the Peterloo Massacre
  • The massacre, its name a play on Waterloo, saw about 60,000 people gather in an area of Manchester known as St Peter's Fields, close to St Peter's Square
  • Historian Michael Herbert previously told the Guardian that it was the largest crowd ever seen in the UK at the time
  • He said it was almost unprecedented for the British army to attack its own people
  • The outcry sparked by what happened led to the establishment of the Manchester Guardian
  • Up until 2007, a plaque on what was the Free Trade Centre - now a hotel - omitted any mention of the deaths or injuries
  • This was changed following a campaign

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