UK snow: Stranded groom makes big day after act of kindness

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Newlyweds Mike Enright and Gina Metcalf share a kiss

A groom almost missed his wedding after he got snowed in.

Mike Enright was stranded about 25 miles (40km) away from the Lincoln Hotel, where he was due to wed Gina Metcalf.

Heavy snow had left Mr Enright, his parents, and best man Ben Yarnell unable to reach the venue.

But the groom was able to make it at the last minute when a local car dealership provided two 4x4s to transport him to his waiting bride.

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Bride Gina Metcalf (pictured left, with shovel) was left waiting at the wedding venue for groom Mike Enright
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Mike Enright and his best man Ben Yarnell arrived at the venue with just an hour to spare

The group had been unable to escape from Horncastle, Lincolnshire, after the county was hit by a wintry blast.

Mr Enright and his family spent around an hour waiting for roads to be cleared but could not get out of the market town.

Ms Metcalf had joked that "everyone dreams of a white wedding but not necessarily the one I'm going to get."

After Mr Enright senior called BBC Radio Lincolnshire about the family's plight, Lincoln Audi got in touch and offered to send a vehicle to transport the party, as well as the wedding cake and flowers.

They arrived at the venue on time - with about an hour to spare.

Mr Enright said the last-minute help had been "an amazing gesture".

"I thought I was going to be stranded there," he said.

Image source, Mike Enright
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Earlier, the groom and best man posted a picture of them stranded in Horncastle

About 70 guests had been invited to the wedding service - but at least 20 people cancelled because of the weather.

Earlier, the groom, who had dreamt of a spring wedding, said: "It feels a bit nervy but we hope to make it through."

"I've said 'wait for me at the hotel'."

Mr Enright said he had spoken to his bride-to-be by phone but of course had yet to see her at that point.

"Ask me and Gina if we are laughing about it in a year's time", he added.

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