Police offers 'shot at during London chase'

A suspected armed burglar turned and shot at two police officers as they chased him through crowded streets in south London, the Old Bailey has heard.

Callum Hall fired at Pc Colin Hutton and Pc Vincent Turner near Southwark Tube station, the jury was told.

In an account read to jurors Pc Hutton said he feared his colleague had been hit, then dived to the floor as the gun was pointed at him in August last year.

Mr Hall, 21, denies attempted murder and firearms charges.

The court heard Mr Hall, of no fixed address, has admitted two charges of having the gun and ammunition.

Jurors were also shown CCTV footage of the officers chasing Mr Hall down a crowded restaurant terrace.

Customers could be seen leaving the outdoor tables and running inside after hearing shots while others looked around in confusion.

In an account read to the court, Pc Hutton described hearing a loud bang before seeing the casing from the gun.

He said: "I couldn't see whether he [Pc Turner] dived out of the way or whether he'd been shot or anything like that because I was looking at Callum.

"He was now pointing the gun at me and it was quite clear his body position had adjusted".

Pc Turner, who was in front of Pc Hutton, described how the accused first aimed at him.

He said: "He held the gun in his right hand. He fired it and it's made a bang this time. The bang made me duck to the right.

"I believe that if he had hit me it would have hit me directly from the chest outwards - the chest, neck or face."

'Woman threatened'

Philip Bennetts, prosecuting, said there was no dispute the defendant had a firearm, and used it, but it was for the jury to consider what his intention was.

He said the policemen had approached Mr Hall on 5 August to speak to him about an allegation he had threatened a woman at gunpoint and demanded money on 22 July.

Mr Hall and Anthony Babalola, 21, of Walworth, south east London, both deny aggravated burglary and false imprisonment in relation to the alleged incident.

Mr Babalola has also denied later threatening to shoot the alleged victim, while he and Cory Huie, 20, of Peckham, deny threatening to stab another man who was there.

Mr Hall and Deniz Ozdil, 20, of Walworth, also deny a series of charges in relation to an attempted robbery on 28 July.

A 17-year-old youth denies being involved in the attempted burglary and perverting the course of justice.

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