London factory worker 'stabbed to death over grudge'

A row between two factory workers ended in death when one stabbed the other in the chest, a court has been told.

Balraj Singh had a grudge against Gurmukh Chahal and rushed downstairs with a knife when he saw Mr Chahal near his car at the factory in Southall, west London, the Old Bailey heard.

Mr Chahal, 42, of Langley, Berkshire, died on 10 April after the knife punctured his lung

Mr Singh, 44, of Telford, Shropshire, denies murder.

Zoe Johnson, prosecuting, said just over a week before his death Mr Chahal had told another worker about an argument between them.

Miss Johnson said: "The defendant had told Mr Chahal not to move the large bins out of the roller shutters in case he damaged the defendant's car which he religiously parked inside the factory premises and next to the bin area.

"Mr Chahal had responded, saying he was not a child and would not damage the defendant's car.

"As a result of that it appeared they stopped talking to each other but no other problems seem to have arisen."

But after seeing Mr Chahal taking something out of a bin, Mr Singh "became incensed", she said.

"He came storming downstairs to the factory floor and holding a kitchen knife went straight up to Gurmukh Chahal and without warning stabbed him in the chest."

She said the men continued to struggle and it was only when they were pulled apart that the blood was seen on Mr Chahal's chest.

Mr Singh said he had been preparing a meal upstairs where he was allowed to live while he was working at the 24-hour machine parts factory.

He claimed Mr Chahal had been behaving badly towards him and earlier in the evening had taken it badly when he had reported Mr Chahal to the boss for leaving machines unmanned.

He said Mr Chahal had run at him and started slapping him and they fell to the ground during a struggle. He said the wound had been "an accident".

The trial continues.

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