Millionaire property developer 'taunted neighbours'

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A millionaire property developer was given an Asbo after taunting her neighbours with racist and homophobic abuse, Southwark Crown Court has heard.

Witnesses said Patricia Bailey, 60, subjected people living in a luxury apartment block near Regent Street, central London, to years of torment.

She was given an Asbo in June 2009 after residents complained about her.

Mrs Bailey, who claims the allegations were made up, is appealing against the ruling.

The court heard from Daniel Kellett who lived next door to Mrs Bailey in Collingwood House, Great Titchfield Street, Westminster.

Nazi Salute

Describing it as a horrible experience he said Mrs Bailey made homophobic comments about his partner, called him Dr Frankenstein and said he was a criminal.

He also said that when he answered the door to her she did a Nazi salute and said "Heil Hitler", referring to his German mother.

"I didn't invent it, it was quite horrible, it immediately showed that she knew things about me, almost more than I knew myself, more than other neighbours.

"I knew exactly what she was referring to, it's just horrible. In her hands, who knows what sort of repercussions that would have."

When asked by Recorder Jeremy Donne QC whether he would have concerns if the Asbo was lifted Dr Kellett said: "Yes, this behaviour has gone on for years and years, this is just an attempt to allow this sort of behaviour to continue elsewhere.

"An awful lot of people have suffered an awful lot and this will continue."

Ali Yousefian, who lived near Mrs Bailey 20 years ago, told the court how she allegedly threw bleach at him in a lift.

He said: "I didn't want that woman in our life again. It distresses me to see her.

"I have three kids and I want to protect those kids. She's an evil woman."

But Peter Engen, Mrs Bailey's husband, said the neighbours' evidence was false.

He told the court they had been verbally abused by neighbours who played loud opera music, indulged in night-time gardening and set up a "Chinese laundry" on the balcony.

He said: "I have absolutely no interest in any of these people. They've caused us so much stress, harm and abuse in our lives. I have no wish to see them again."

The hearing continues.

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