Guy Ritchie squatters set up 'free school' in London


Squatters have pledged to set up a "free school" in two properties owned by film director Guy Ritchie which they have taken over in central London.

The adjoining town houses, located in Fitzroy Square, Fitzrovia, have been occupied since Sunday by a group called Really Free School.

A repossession order, issued by Central London County Court, has been taped to the doors by the star's solicitors.

A spokesman for Ritchie said he would not comment on the matter.

The group has posted photographs of the interiors of the houses, which are under renovation, on its website.

It said it would not be conducting interviews with the media as it "often portrays a distorted reality".

And it promised to offer those inside the building "a collective learning process directed by your own desires, ideas, questions and problems".

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