Chestnut Grove School teachers strike over academy plan

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Teachers at a south London secondary school have gone on strike over its intention to become an academy.

National Union of Teachers members at Chestnut Grove School in Balham walked out over concerns at pay and conditions if the school gets academy status.

Unlike most schools, academies can set their own pay and conditions. Some 26 of the school's 40 union members voted to strike. The total staff is 150.

The school told the media it was "open as usual for most students".

But the school's website said years eight and nine should not come in at all.

It also warned that lessons would finish at 1400 GMT for all other years.

The school released a statement to media saying: "From the school's point of view, the NUT's proposed strike on Wednesday could have been averted had the union been prepared to negotiate about pay and conditions.

"The governing body's decision about whether or not to convert to an academy will take into consideration the best interests of all students and staff."

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