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Woman gives birth on hospital chair due to 'no staff'

image captionFrances Randall said her son had fallen on the floor.

A woman has given birth on a chair in a waiting room in an east London hospital amid claims there were no staff or beds available.

Frances Randall gave birth to her son while she was sitting on a chair with help from a stranger at Queen's Hospital in Romford.

The new mother said there had been no medical staff available and her son Freddie had fallen on the floor.

A hospital spokesman apologised but said no complaint had been received.

Miss Randall said she was disgusted that something like this should have happened in a new hospital.

"I was sitting on the chair sideways and I gave birth and that's when he fell on the floor," she said.

'Brand new hospital'

"Luckily he fell on the floor because otherwise the cord would have been wrapped around his neck.

"I'm just disgusted, it's a brand new hospital and things like this shouldn't happen."

Sue Lovell, head of midwifery at Queen's Hospital, said she was aware of the incident and added a new triage system was being put in place.

"When labouring women arrive at Queen's Hospital they will be seen immediately by a midwife and moved straight to the most appropriate area - whether that be the labour ward or ante natal.

"This will eliminate the need for women to stay in waiting areas.

"I have not received a complaint from Miss Randall but would be more than happy to meet with her."

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