Policeman 'pushed boy through shop window' in Bromley

A police officer pushed a boy through a plate glass window, a court has heard.

Pc Marcus Ballard, a member of the Metropolitan Police's Territorial Support Group, is accused of using unreasonable force on Onyeka Obi, 16.

Police were called to deal with rowdy youths on a bus in Bromley High Street, south-east London, in February 2010.

The incident ended in Mr Obi going through a kitchen shop window. Pc Ballard, 29, denies two common assault charges.

Prosecutor Gaon Hart said: "The first charge relates to the defendant forcefully grabbing Mr Obi's right arm and spinning him around to get his attention.

"The second charge relates to the defendant grabbing Mr Obi around the chest area, as if by the lapels, and pushing him forcefully backwards to pin him against a window for questioning.

"The CCTV has been enhanced and the prosecution case is that Mr Obi's head can be seen to whiplash backwards with the force, and his feet to rise off the ground."

Mr Hart added that Mr Obi did not try to avoid being and searched, claiming: "There was no justification for such force as the defendant used.

"The type of policing that grabbed hold of suspects and pinned them against the wall for questioning became redundant in the 70s and simply has no place in modern society."

The defendant said that at the police station Mr Obi "accepted that the incident with the window was an accident".

Pc Ballard was later investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

In a written statement in interview, Pc Ballard denied using excessive force against Mr Obi.

Ben Brandon, defending, told the court: "It is necessary, in certain instances, for police officers - in order to inspect members of the public in this kind of situation - to take hold of them."

The case continues.

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