Walthamstow fire: Crews tackle 'large' warehouse blaze

Crews have been tackling a fire at two warehouses in east London.

About 100 firefighters were called to the Kimberley Industrial Estate on Billet Road, Walthamstow, at 1620 BST on Friday and 30 of them remained at the scene on Saturday afternoon.

The blaze was brought under control within three hours but it has not yet been extinguished.

People living nearby should keep doors and windows shut because of lingering heavy smoke, London Fire Brigade said.

A temporary hazard zone has been created because of the presence of gas cylinders which can explode when exposed to heat.

There was a safety risk until these cooled down, said Paul McClenaghan, the station manager at Dagenham fire station.

"We've managed to stop the fire from spreading and basically destroying the whole industrial unit," he added.

Image caption Fire crews were called to Walthamstow on Friday and remain at the scene (photo: Nicola Shelton)

"We're probably going to be here for most of Saturday, maybe into this evening.

"Because this fire is deep-seated, it's quite a long, drawn-out process, and we obviously need to make sure the scene is completely safe before we leave."

Nobody has been injured as a result of the fire, which was described as a "large blaze" by the fire brigade.

The smoke has spread around parts of north and east London, and could be seen for several miles around when the fire was at its most intense.

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